If you are not involved, you might want to reconsider

America is failing.  It is the fault of teachers, but not all teachers, and not only teachers.  It is the fault of students, but not all students, and not only students.  It is the fault of administrators, but not all administrators and not only administrators.  It is the fault of parents, but not all parents, and not only parents.  It is the fault of government, but not all government and not only government. 

We cannot say that any one group is at fault because each holds part of the blame and each has tried to fix the problem by itself.   The failure in education lies in decades of difficult challenges not addressed by the whole. The result is a cumulative disaster that is our public education system. 

If you are not already aware of Students First, please register and start to take part in the nationwide effort to fix our broken system.  We need every smart, motivated and engaged educator, student, parent, administrator, elected official…every citizen to understand the problem and get involved in the solution.   The time is now.

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