I have a new header!!! Yay!

I just found this wonderful blog entry from That Saint Paul House and have solved a several year-long question about how so many people could edit photos for fun.  Picnik is FUN and more than that, it is really, really easy.  It took no time at all to blend together my basic skills in “Paint” and Google to make a header for my new blog.  Most importantly, I was able to use this photo that I have loved since I took it in 2004 on my hubby and I’s only trip to Europe.  This was in a window of a store in Paris and I thought it was sooooo appropriate.  Him – one switch.  On.  Off.  Me – a whole host of knobs and buttons and levers that may or may not result in the outcome wanted.  It might be complicated, but I am in charge of all of those buttons and knobs and levers.


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