Can you tell I am all over the place?

In my short blog history, I have covered a few recipes, dream kitchens, craft projects and food arranging.  And that is only in my first dozen or so posts.  And for the most part, I have not done any of them.  Unlike all of the other lovely bloggers I read out there, I do not seem to have the time to try any of these cool things.

And that brings me to why that is.  Like many of you, I am over-committed.  I work full-time, before and after which I spend nearly 2 1/2 hours a day shuttling three children to school/day care.  Between now and Sunday, I am running a major fundraiser for the women’s organization I have been regularly giving my Tuesday nights to for 10 years.  I am interviewing for yet another board position – despite telling them I am not interested…funny how that works. I am reading two books (well, one is being read, the other is a book-on-cd in the car), packing many lunches, doing laundry and making beds so that my mom, who I am picking up from the airport for her weekend visit, will have a clean place to sleep.  I am potty training, returning movies and library books, dropping off dry-cleaning, writing thank you notes from the twin’s birthday party last weekend, getting estimates on getting the tires rotated and balanced on my car (and ignoring the check engine light that has been on for weeks), trying to finish my taxes and go to a weight watchers meeting before the end of the month so I do not have to pay any money.  AND I am daydreaming about all of these wonderful projects and yummy things to try that would make my home look better and my tummy happy. 

I so want to do all of these things I rip and clip out.  My hope for this blog is two-fold.  First, that I have an electronic catalogue of all of these wonderful ideas – one that I can tap into when the mood strikes and the time allows.  Second, that others who are better stewards of the balance in their lives can share with me their successes of these or similar recipes/projects in the hope that when I do get around to doing them, I have the best information around and can get right to the good stuff.

And that is that.  Back to work.


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