Blog Hop Newbie with Pixel Perfect

I am learning, albeit slowly, how to use my new Canon T1i and at the same time trying to edit the handful of half-way decent photos in Photoshop.  I end up using Picnik and I must admit, I like the ease and lack of techno-savy that Picnik offers. 

Whatever the process, I am excited to show a decent example (IMO) of my first go at this whole picture taking business on Pixel Perfect with Blog Hop.  Here is a shot I took a couple of weeks ago when my lemon tree was in mid-flowering and one little brave bud decided to fruit early!



I did play with the colors a bit, brighten it up and sharpened some edges, but I am not sure what the technical terms are for any of that.  I was happy with my first go.  Any feedback is appreciated!


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