Get in line.

Photograph by Justin Bernhaut

So like many of the bloggers out there, I am always on the look out for deals and steals.  One item that I come across again and again are frames.  I find pictures frames at thrift stores and garage sales.  With a coat of black paint, I can unify a variety of shapes and sizes.  That said, I rarely get them up on the wall cause it take soooo much time to arrange them into an artful display that is hung straight.

That is where this idea comes from!  Martha Stewart shared this creative way to hang a variety of frames with a unifying theme on a long hall way or wall.  The trick is to use blue painters tape.  Hang a strip horizontally across the wall, making sure the tape is level.  Then measure the distance from the top or bottom of each frame to the hanging bracket that aligns the frame with the tape.  Love it!


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