Party snacks…prettied up.

Most of my get-togethers are last minute.  I am scrambling to pick up toys and wipe off the kitchen table before friends arrive.  If I am lucky, I may have a few items to throw on a plate – veggies, crackers and dip are my usual fare.  And all of it usually looks uninspired. 

This is why I clip! I must remember that just because the food is simple, does not mean it has to look it.

I found this in Parents Magazine back in 2006.  It is not rocket science.  The plates are not round, which I think makes the food look like it is sitting on rectangular canvases.  I also like the bowls – they appear to overlap, again looking like paints on a palette.    I am loving the stacked crackers and diagonally positioned bread sticks.  Both look very different from the arc of Ritz crackers that I have put out in the past.  Finally, I think the use of multiple dishes gives the food extra visual appeal.  Food for thought.


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