Looking for directions.

After my post this afternoon, I came home thinking about how this blog has no real direction.  I really do love tearing things out of magazines, but I find myself doing only the tearing and none of the stuff I daydream about.  I find myself mad that I do not have the time or the inclination to DO any of it.  And when I do have the time, I find myself feeling guilty about doing any of it because candidly, I feel I should be doing something else.

So what if I work on the “doing” part of this equation?  Hokey, right?  But isn’t hokey what blogging is?  For some people it is living a year eating local food.  A weekly photo contest.  A lady who cooks in a crock pot every night.  Heck, there are blogs out there for just about every reason I can think of and probably a few hundred thousand I would never even conjure up.  I just read one blogger lady cooks all day long for the purpose of blogging about it (while her kids are at school, mind you) and then she throws it all away?  Who does that?  Bloggers do!

So this blogger is going to live up to her name.  I am in charge of me.  I am going to do.  Be.  Act.  Starting tomorrow.  I think I can tackle one personal improvement action a day.  I think I can find seven ways to improve my life each week.  I think I can make time for me in this crazy household and use that time wisely, getting a bigger ROI on that time than simply adding more ideas to the already voluminous collection of ideas.  Don’t you think that is reasonable?

Wednesday.  Fitness.

Thursday.  Order.

Friday.  Marriage.

Saturday. Family.

Sunday.  Food.

Monday.  Creativity.

Tuesday.  Friends.

I can DO that.


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