I *heart* this YHL post and Fitness Wednesday recap

This kitchen is way cool and I found it in a post on house crashing on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.  The whole house is a beauty and gives me tons of ideas!   Even though they use darker cabinets, the marble-esque granite and subway tile (which I just learned that hubby likes too) keep things light and airy. 

On a different topic, I did it.  Fitness Wednesday is in the books.  I had a free pass that I have been carrying around for two years and went to Dance Trance in San Marco.

Now exercise is not my forte.  I attended a great high school where 96% of the student body lettered in at least one sport.  Can you guess who was one of the remaining 4%?  I swam, but not competitively.  In fact, while trying to earn my Red Cross lifeguard certification, I complained the whole time.  So fitness is not on the top of my list of things to do.

That said, I think that only having it on the top of my list once a week means I can manage the dread and at the same time, feel good that I am at least moving sometime.

So I moved.  Badly.  Really badly.  It was embarrassing.  The class, called Breakdown, is supposed to be a beginners course, where they teach you the routine for 3 or 4 songs.  The class was fuller than normal for some reason. (Maybe other exercise-resistent bloggers had the same idea?) That meant bumping into other participants on pretty regular intervals for the whole hour. 

Oh well.  I did it.  My heart rate was up for the better part of 45 minutes for the first time in years.   And I must admit, I feel pretty good about it today.

So Thursday is Order day.  Since I have to work tonight, tackling the pantry, my closet or the linen closet is probably not practical.  I think I may do my coupon holder (at lunch) and spend a few moments trying to determine how I tackle Friday’s focus.

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