One small order of “Order”

Yesterday, I managed to eek out a little time for “order.”  At lunch, I sat down with one of these C-Line Biodegradable 13-Pocket Expanding <em>File</em> Coupon Size 1 <em>File</em> ... and got to work organizing all of the coupons I have stuffed into my purse and bag (and car and desk and even a few on the nightstand that I grabbed on my way out the door.)  I also cleaned out the expired ones. There were several dozen from a Jacksonville Jaguar promotion that all expired on February 10th…not too long ago.  More disturbing was the small collection of baby coupons stuck in the back that all expired in 2008. 

Now that I know that Publix accepts competitor coupons, I am inspired to start clipping again.  AND I may actually be able to find the darn things once I clip them!

Onto today’s focus: marriage.  This one is probably the one that is most important on the list and (I am probably not alone when I say this) is the hardest to remember to focus on with all of the other stuff that goes on in my/hubby’s lives.  I am psyched though that I have committed to make it a priority at least one day a week and looking forward to seeing what difference I can make tonight.  A few small steps here will probably have big results.

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