Up all night

One would think on the day after my focus on Marriage day that “Up all night” in the title of this blog entry would connote something very different.  However, I have found myself either dealing with a tummy bug or am the unfortunate victim of food poisoning.  I am sick, sick, sick as a dog.

I did manager to eek out a backscratch for hubby for the second half of last night’s Super Nanny.  I have to say that while it does not sound romantic, it was the most “couple-y” thing hubby and I have done in a while.

Today’s focus, as noted here, is on family. I spent the first part of the day, in bed, while hubby had the kids.  Not the amazing start one would hope for in this situation.  And now, hubby has our t-ball player in the car en route to his first game of the season while the other two are climbing the swing set in anticipation of a neighborhood birthday party at noon.  Divide and conquer…  I guess it is the best we can do today.

I am not all that excited about tomorrow’s focus at this moment in time: food.  All I have managed to hold down in the last 24 hours is a sleeve of Saltines.  Thinking about a trip to the farmers market or the grocery store is not all that appealing now.  That was actually what I was hoping to make our family activity for the weekend and now…well… we’ll just have to see about that.


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