Garage sales on steroids

With one income and three kids, get-aways are harder to plan and pay for than ever before.  Heck, even a night out with friends is hard to do.  So one of my favorite nights in the whole year is when I combine a night out with my family and friends with making money.

I spent last Friday and Saturday at the Junior League of Jacksonville’s Whale of a Sale.  This 1000 family garage sale has been going on for 20 years and this year was my 9th year attending in the last 10 years.  (I have only missed it once and that was because I was at home with M & B who were only two weeks old in 2008.)   

I only usually go on Friday night for the Preview Party.  You pay $40 to eat and drink while you shop – and get first crack at all of the loot (at double the price…it is for charity, you know.)  My mom flies up for the event and my sisters join in with a bunch of my friends for some pre-preview party tailgating outside the entrance before the sale opens that first night. 

I did well.  I bought a few books and I will trade them on (a site which deserves its own post at a later date) and some discount trinkets that will come in handy like gift bags and brand new drink coasters and hand towels (as hostess gift stock supplies.)

For the first time ever though, I went on Saturday too and, boy-oh-boy, did I hit pay dirt.  I paid actual price and I got 3 glazed pots for new veggies and 6 picture frames and a bag of clothes for the fellas and more.  BUT, the big score was 3 sets of My Baby Sam crib bedding that are adorable that I am going to try to resell on Craigslist here.  They are toooooo cute and I got them for only a few dollars each and will hopefully make enough dough in selling them to pay for all of the other loot I brought home!

In an odd coincidence, when I was flipping through my binders looking for an interesting clipping to post and toss, I found this.

I clipped this out of a magazine that no longer exists called Budget Living.  I had no idea about all of the multi-mile roadside yard sales that are held all across the country! 

With gas prices on the way up, these trips might not be for the person driving a gas-guzzler a long distance, but if you live anywhere along Highway 127 in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee or Kentucky or near some of these other stops, maybe a little get-away is in your future!  The dates have all changed from the time that I clipped this out so I have posted the several of the 2011 dates below. 

May 14-15, 2011     US 11 Antique Alley

June 1-5, 2011       9th Annual Historic National Road Yard Sale

August 4-7, 2011     127 Corridor Sale

August 11-13, 2011  Bargains Galore on 164

August 13, 2011       The Annual Highway 51 Yard Sale

Oh, how I wish I could make one of these trips with a few friends this year.  I always love a good garage sale and covet the one that includes a get-away with friends and may even turn a profit to boot.


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