Google and Centsational Girl are making me smile

I write and send notes often.  I send cards for birthdays and Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day and sometimes I even remember to send them for no reason at all.  It is in my blood.  My mother does the same thing.  I cannot simply send an e-mail.  Even after you tell me it is OK not to send a card, you’re probably still getting one.  Especially if it is a thank you card.  I believe that handwriting a note is one of the easiest and most meaningful ways to show someone you care. I wish I had the time to send more. 

So I am sitting here going through Google reader to see what the bloggers I love have posted this weekend and I find these from Centsational Girl.

I have never heard of Whimsy, but you can bet I will be sending them an order or two in the future.  How cute are these?  Thanks to CG for including them in your post today!

whimsy press cards

Now, I am at my desk looking for excuses to write someone a note and I hop over to Gmail to see if there is any “noteworthy” news 🙂 to write about and I get this e-mail from my Aunt in KS. 

 I wanted to share this, it is the most adorable thank you note I have ever received.  Aunt Kate, I am going to mail this to you for safe keeping.  I was telling my sister that I would save it and have it framed and give to O when he got married, and she reminded me that I probably will have passed away by then.  I need to send this for safe keeping for him when he grows up.  Love Aunt Char  (notice that Jennifer has given us the key on the left hand side)

Aunt Kate, as referenced in the e-mail, is my mom and O’s Mimi (Grandma).  I will translate since the scan is not that clear.  “Dear Uncle John and Aunt Char,  Thank you for the cars and the puzzle too.  I had fun at dinner too.  See you soon.  Love O”  The only thing I did was translate it in the margin and mail it.  Apparently, it made an impression because Aunt Char sent it to everyone she knew on e-mail.    I am so proud of my 5-year-old!  I think I will just call it a night and head to bed with a big ‘ol happy face that another note-writer is born.  Night, all.


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