Small sips in the right direction

I have big plans for my Sunday “food” days ahead.  At some point in the future, I want to have a weekly meal plan that is not only coordinated with sale items from the grocery, but incorporates a wider variety of colorful vegetables and new fruits as well as affordable quantities of free range meats and poultry and healthy fish.

For today though, the best I could muster (while shopping with the twins at Publix) was my first purchase of a carton of organic milk.  I did not go for the gallon, even though we use a gallon of milk per week. I want to see if we can get by with less milk and spend the roughly the same amount of money.  Ideally, I would also like my kids to drink more water and serve them foods that calcium rich to supplement their milk.

I did also try to use other store coupons at Publix, but for some reason, the coupon services I tried to use on-line did not work when I tried to print them on the home computer.

In other news, Saturday’s family day was a success.  I spent a few minutes with hubby and the little guys at the t-ball field watching O play his first game.    The big man got a hit in every inning and M & B brought their little sports chairs and actually sat for 10 minutes and watched.  Whooda thunk it?

Then at noon, I took M and B to a neighbor’s birthday party.  It was way over-the-top with not one, but two inflatable bounce houses, pony rides, a balloon artist and a face painter as well as tons of kid and adult refreshments (including beer and wine.)  While M & B may be ruined for all other future parties because of new, ridiculously high expectations, we had a great time and I got to spend more than 2 hours with my little guys doing fun stuff.

Last night, hubby and I had a fundraiser to attend hosted by Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Foundation.  It was a Virtual Cruise held at their Deerwood campus.  The monies raised were going toward scholarships for first generation college students. Having never attended a “virtual cruise”, I was not certain what to expect.  That said, in typical cruise fashion, there was a ton of food, live music, dancing and plenty of extra ways to part with your money – however, instead of excursions and fruity drinks, the extras were silent auction items, casino gambling for prizes and student art available for purchase. 

We had a blast and managed to disembark the cruise only $20 lighter in the wallet than when we arrived. Considering we are down one income, we felt that was a prudent level of contribution.  Both hubby and I did some great mingling and networking.  The best part was what we spent out $20 on…

The had a blind wine sale.  There were 50 or more bottles of sparkling, red and white wines, all wrapped in brown paper bags available for purchase for $20 each.  You did not know what you were buying, but we were told all were good quality and one was a bottle of Dom Perignon.   At the end of the night, we unwrapped ours and…


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