Camellias, camellias everywhere

I love driving home past all of the blooming trees and flowers this time of year.  It seems like every azalea has burst in the last 3 days into a pink and white parade.  The cherry blossoms salute me and the other white, red and green buds on all of the trees blow cheerfully in the breeze.  I am near tears at some stop lights cause it is so pretty.  (I cry at Publix, Hallmark and some McDonald’s commercials too.)

My favorite are the camellias.  They says Spring in the south like nothing else and they are gorgeous.  I actually have access to a bright camellia bush (tree?) in a neighbor’s yard and I am going to make my creativity day effort  (which was actually yesterday, but I was traveling on business) into this…

In Style (August, 2007) boiled down floral arranging into 9 steps and tonight I am going to give them a go.

Technically, it is “focus on friends” day and I have a pair of notes ready to drop into the post office box to brighten a few friend’s afternoons later in the week.  And that is it.  One full week of being my own boss.

Recap coming soon…  Strategic planning too!


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