Yoby – My lil sister’s baby-in-progress

My baby sister is having a baby.  The baby was coined “Yoby” early on.  “Yo” for youngest (she is the baby of four girls) and “by” for baby.   Yoby is going to be a boy and the sixth grandson in-a-row for my parents who had no boys themselves.  Lil sis has waited the longest to start her family and she has had to endure all of our big plans and patterns and ideas and color selections and registries and what not.  At this point, she is not interested in what anyone else wants her to do.  I love her for it.  For Yoby, lil sis is planning a nursery of baby blues, navy and white.  

As you might imagine, I was not even asked for my input on Yoby’s upcoming pad.  But a girl can daydream here and I want this for Yoby:

This adorable wall mural and nursery design was profiled in the September, 2008 issue of Parents Magazine, making it 9 months too late for M & B’s room.  Still, as easy as that mural looks to make and with all of the adorable dresser redos out there (like this one on Black Cab Designs), this room would be a synch to whip up.  And who does not love a room with bright pops of colors and a classic design that would mature well past the toddler stage??

Yoby, I got your back on this one…if asked. 

PS – No, Yoby is not going to be his actual name.  At least, I hope not.  🙂


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