First week performance review

The first week is in the books.  I have given myself seven ways to make sure that I do not forget the important things in my life and I am feeling pretty good about how I did.

Fitness Wednesday:  Took a Dance Trance class for the first time.  Heart rate went up for the first time in years.  I liked the feeling, but organized dance instruction is probably not my thing.

Order Thursday: Coupon carrier de-cluttering.  Clipped, sorted and recycled what had expired.  Money saving will now commence!

Marriage Friday: Started marriage book-on-tape and gave hubby a request-free backscratch. (Update: For Better talks an awful lot about marriage as it relates to monogamy and uses animal studies as the primary case(s) for comparison.  For me, staying faithful is not my/our problem area so I stopped after the first CD ended.)

Family Saturday: T-ball games and birthday parties with the boys.  Dom Perignon-winning date night with my husband.

Food Sunday: Post-stomach bug weekend meant buying organic milk for the first time, but not much else.

Creativity Monday: I did not get to do much in the area of creativity on Monday, but I did find time on Tuesday to make these.

Friends Tuesday:  Dropped a couple of “Happy Friendship Day” cards in the mail to two friends I miss.

Solid start. 

Today, I am back to fitness and I had set the alarm hoping to knock out something before work this morning.  It was not happening at 6:00 am.  So tonight, I need to work out doing a work out.


I found these in Body and Soul Magazine (now Whole Living) around the holidays.  Here are six windows of time in my day that I could eek out a bit of fitness.  I am in heels at work today so climbing the stairs at a brisk pace is not going to happen, but I think I can close the door and do arm circles now. (*pause*)  Tonight, vacuuming, a dance party with the boys and some ol’ fashion calisthenics will have to do the trick.


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