Miniblind safety – whoot, whoot!

Child-proofing in our house is constant and often frustrating.  The boys know what chemicals are, but I swear, our floor cleaner looks and smells like Koolaid and there are times that I cannot tell the difference without reading the label.  (That is not all bad – when the boys are around, I use that as an excuse not to clean.) 🙂  

Our kids have circumvented the door knob covers by pulling down so hard on them, they simply give way.  They used the wall hung stair gate as a hurdle and those plastic outlet covers…no match for our trio.

When I see an idea for making my house safer that does not involve spending a whole lot of money, is adult-friendly and actually works, there is reason to get excited.  In October 2004, ironically before I had any kids, I clipped this out of The Family Handyman

If you have miniblinds, then you know the cords are a huge safety risk.  For a few dollars, buy a few suction cups with the hooks on the front and  you can move the cords out of harm’s way.  No drilling or fancy contraptions required.  Holla!


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