Baby steps

I did precisely 20 crunches, 20 legs lifts (on each side) and 20 other “exercisey” things I do not know the name of, but they were working a muscle I do not use much in my thighs. 

I also chased the boys around the house and folded laundry for about an hour.  I guess that is fitness?  All of those things kept me from eating something naughty at night and I think that was the real benefit.

Today is Order day and I am going to try to get to my favorite, local consignment shop with a few items that I’d like out of my closet.  Do you consign?


About dabosslady

Da boss, wife, mom, lobbyist, wanna-be cook, crafter, wood-worker, photographer, gardener, avid reader, occasional insomniac.
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