Just desserts.

A good idea is still a good idea, even when the execution of that good idea does not go so well.  Hubby planned a romantic dinner, courtesy of Omaha Steaks.  He ordered a pair of petite filets.  It came with twice-baked potatoes.  It came with lobster tails.  It even came with dessert.  It looked like this on the ad:

On the designated romantic night, all you-know-what broke loose with the boys and no one was eating any dinner, let alone doing anything romantic.  The dinner stayed in the boxes.  In the freezer.  It has been there untouched, or so I thought, for a few weeks.

Until tonight.

I’m up, craving something sweet and I dig into the back of the freezer and find this:

And so, what’s a girl to do, but this:

Yep, I had some too.  It is the thought that counts, right?  And right now, I am thinking that without hubby, I would not have found a chocolatey dessert in the freezer in the first place.  Who I am to judge cutting into it when you just gotta have dessert?  Thanks, babe.  Mwah!


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