Family Day was a zoo

Saturday’s focus is family and we did it up right. 

B & M went with mommy to the Jacksonville Zoo for the first half of the day.

B’s favorite animals are…all of them.

M likes the train.

We tried to see the new DinoLive exhibit, but only got to the first dino where B decided dinosaurs were not as cool as real animals.  Scarier too. 

After snacks, we met up with the other half of our team (who spent the morning at t-ball) at a BBQ held in honor of a great lady at her Northside offices.  All three boys got their groove on with the DJ’s selection of dance music.  You should have seen the moves to MJ’s Pretty Young Thing.  No pics here – I was too busy trying to keep all of the boys out of the middle of the road.

Finished up with chops on the grill for dinner and everyone in bed early cause we skipped naps.  It was a good day!

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