Google Reader-itis

If you do not know about Google Reader, you need to get to know it.  

I used to follow one blog religiously.  Then I added a few more to my favorites.  (Look to the right  ——> for my favorites.)  When I started having to create folders in categories for all of the various blog topics, I realized that I was wasting a ton of time clicking on sites that had nothing new to offer on that day. 

Then…da-da-Da-DA!  Google Reader changed everything!  No longer do I have to click on each site to see what the blogger is posting, if he/she is posting anything at all.  Nope.  Too much work for me cause the Reader has hooked me up.  This little, hidden FREE service allows me to subscribe to all of my favorite blogs on one page and then, with a casual click and scroll, pan down through the list to see who has posted.  It is no problem at night to read through the new posts, click over the sites where I want to see more, post a comment, repost a link on my blog or enter a giveaway.   And now, I can follow 62 blogs at once in less time than I was probably spending following 12. (Warning: it is a tad bit addictive.)

Thanks to Google reader I was also able to post a comment on a give-away for $100 in Walgreens-brands products from blogger, Coal Creek Farm in this post.  And now, you can too!



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