Just another marvelous Monday

Well, hello new week!  Glad to see you!   

Ah, Monday.  Lovely, calm, quiet Monday…my favorite day of the week. 

I love going back to work.  Yes, I love my Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays too.  However, with our kids, rarely do we have stress-free, easy-going, relaxing weekends.  I am usually pretty psyched to go back to the office and get back to the schedule and the routine.  I love getting stuff done.

Having a focus on creativity on a Monday though – it’s hard.  I am not inclined to take on a new project on a Monday and I am realizing that after Monday is over, there are so many things that crowd the rest of the week, that if I put a project off, I may never be creative.  I am having an Aha! moment here.  *pause*

I guess editing photos is being creative?  I took a swing at removing the nice NASCAR fan from one of the photos I took this weekend at the zoo.


A little black and white treatment here and a hazey border applied to the edges there…  It is certainly not finishing the headboard that is only halfway done in the garage (in my defense, I do need a new corded drill with variable speeds and I refuse to buy one new), but it is something.

I did visit Whole Foods and Publix last night after everyone went to bed.  I have a hectic week beginning with Junior League on Tuesday after work and out-of-town travel from Wednesday on.  I wanted to leave the house stocked with good food, especially now that hubby will be able to find it.  (That will make sense later in the week.)  I repurchased that carton of organic milk – we ran out on Friday, but no one seemed to mind going without cereal this weekend.  I also purchased cage-free eggs and grass-finished beef.  They were both a few dollars more than our normal purchases, but I did save $10 on gas with the coupon toward a purchase of a gas card at Publix with $25 purchase.  I will be filling up my car soon anyhow.

I made sure to buy local as much as possible, choosing the Florida spinach and strawberries as well as the Georgia beef.  I made a few global purchases (my boys do love their bananas and cantelope), but I tried to limit them.  I also purchased a basil plant from a local nursery and will get it in the ground after work tomorrow so we can have really  local organic basil for the whole summer.  I even remembered to bring in my canvas bags!  The week is already off to a great start.  Of course…it is a Monday!


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