A letter to a friend…

“Dear friend,”

Does anyone write those words any more?  I e-mail more than I write.  My e-mails usually start with a perky “Hi” or simply blurt the person’s name out at the top.  Even if I remember to address the e-mail with a cordial, “Dear friend,” it feels a little weird using such a formal opening for a casual correspondence. 

I do write letters though.  Or notes anyhow.  Like that annoying dinosaur said in the Barney video I watched last night for the 1,000th time with the boys, “Everybody likes getting a letter in their mailbox.”  Writing letters is a dying practice, but I am trying to keep it alive by passing the skill onto my son.  

I do get why letters are going the way of the cassette tape and the banana clip (the latter of which I think may make a comeback.  Leg warmers are back in now…you just never know!)  Letters are slow.  Letters cannot be spell-checked.  Letters may involve using cursive.  Letters cost money to send.  But, when you look back on correspondence with a loved one or special friends, do you dig out old e-mails?  Are you paging through post-its?  Nope.  It’s the letters.

Today’s focus is on friendship.  In June 2001, I clipped out an Oprah’s Reading Room article which profiled a book by Constance Warloe entitled, “From Daughters to Mothers I’ve Always Meant to Tell You.” Then, it went on to give you seven ways to get started with your own letter. 

A letter with the kind of thought that would come out of this process is worth treasuring.   How cool would it be if you took a time to write this kind of letter to your mom, dad, sibling, friend or that amazing teacher you had in 4th grade that changed your life because of something she said that stuck with you for 30 years?

Publix sells stamps.  There’s paper in your drawer.  It will be good to practice your penmanship. You’ll be helping the economy by keeping the post-office in business.  And if that is not convincing enough, maybe one day, the person who received your letter will pull it out of a drawer to reflect on you and how much your friendship means to them.  I think that would be pretty awesome.

So go write, my dear friend!


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