Exercise day.  I am hopping in the car to drive to Tallahassee and will be in meetings and events for the next 48 hours.  There will be little time to workout unless I get up earlier than normal.  That’s not gonna happen – I am in a hotel with no kids to wrestle out of bed, no lunches to pack, no 75 minute commute.  Uh-uh.

So instead, I am going to count what I do anyhow.  Housework.

An average 150 lb person will burn a considerable amount of calories when doing housework.  Here is a list I found of ten things we do that get the body working and the number of calories burned per hour.

  1. General house cleaning: 246

  2. Cooking or food preparation: 176

  3. Gardening: 352

  4. Mowing the lawn: 387

  5. Clearing the table and washing dishes: 170

  6. Raking the yard: 281

  7. Sweeping floors: 224

  8. Walking while holding an infant: 246

  9. Vacuuming: 238

  10. Ironing: 156


Now I am not saying that I get credit for working out all weekend, although I feel like I am constantly sweeping up, holding a kid or generally cleaning house.  Still, if I can vacuum a room or two before I head out-of-town, that is the equivalent of working off one piece of sheet cake that I may or may not have had last night at my Junior League meeting.

So…I have to go clean something.


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