Pantry purge

I am traveling today so this post is actually about my super-de-duper Saturday night activity.  After everyone went to bed, I went down for a snack.  When I opened the door to the pantry, I realized I could not stand it anymore.  Our pantry was a ginormous mess.

Here is a sampling of what I found:

  • Eight giant containers of Crystal Light
  • Several cans of soup that are older than my kids
  • Raisins
  • Four different kinds of fancy crackers that no one eats (I think these came out of a few gift baskets we have received in the last few years.)
  • Rennet, gelatin and cream of tartar – I do know how to use any of these items
  • LOTS of ranch dressing, some of which will be moving to Aunt Ryan’s house since she eats it way more than we do.
  • More raisins
  • Two garbage bags of grocery bags – these went back to the recycling center at Publix on Sunday
  • Four action figures
  • A 1 C. size measuring cup
  • Three huge containers of salt – you can see those in the photo  (I guess we do not use salt that much – probably why my food does not taste all that great…)
  • A bulk size bag of white, long grain rice in the way back – we have not missed this one as we have mostly switched to brown rice
  • Even more raisins

Now, the pantry is organized, if not a little pretty.  Well, organized anyway.


  1. The only thing you use Cream of Tartar for is making Snickerdoodles….which if you haven’t, you should! Put that fancy schmancy KitchenAid to use!

  2. We must be kindred spirits in some way. Last Thursday I did a pantry purge too. Specifically to throw away all those fancy crackers, nuts and cookies that we have collected from gift backets that will never be consumed and take up precious space.

    I love your blog…you’ve got a good thing going. I need to pay better attention to mine. 🙂

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