Time out in the fridge

I read The Frugal Girl.  At the end of every week, the Frugal Girl (aka Kristen) does a post called Food Waste Friday where she owns up to all of the food she did not find a way to use in her fridge.  It is admirable.  This gal and her family eat just about every item that they purchase in the course of a week or before it spoils…even leftovers. 

Inspired by my recent pantry purge and the Frugal Girl, I decided to go looking in the fridge to see what was there.  You see, throwing food away is not our problem.  NOT throwing food away is.  We tend to get too busy with other stuff to pay attention to what might be lurking aaaaaaalllll the way in the back. 

Before I got started though, I dug out the clipping that has been the front page of my food binder since August, 2003.  It is a food safety chart that outlines how long food will keep in the fridge or the freezer, courtesy of Family Circle. 

I/we did not do too bad.  I tossed one jar of mayo and a package of bacon.  Since these two foods are both incredibly fatty and we rarely use either, it makes sense that they would be tucked in the back.  Nothing else.  Everything else was still OK to keep or brand new.  (In full disclosure, I had removed about 8 bottles of salad dressing about a month ago that may have been there since we moved in…in 2007.  Ew.)  

What is lurking in your fridge?


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