Demo in hindsight

I was out-of-town for two nights, but it threw off the next three days like you would not believe.  Children went to school without homework completed.  We ran out of milk.  Twice.  The daycare is mad that we have not sent in more Pull Ups.  And we started something I am not 100% sure we should have. 

You see, I want my kitchen to look like this:

or maybe this


Or this would be nice

And right now it looks like this


Since we need a fully functioning kitchen and do not have the luxury of tearing this one apart while we meander through a DIY remodel, we have decided to build a second kitchen in the present dining room (see below) and them demo the existing kitchen once the current one is finished. 

 That is why we now have this:

 It seemed like a good idea at the time and it was fun while we (O & me along with help from a good friend) did the destroying.

I am very excited about the fact that we have started this project.  There may be a plumber coming to our house this week and then possibly a carpenter the week after that.  From there…who knows?  For my house’s sake, I am just glad that I do not have any travel for the next couple of weeks.


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