Where were we?

I think today is creativity day.  Yesterday was supposed to be food day.  I am not sure if I can count drywall demolition as a family activity on Saturday for family day and I sure did not do anything to enhance my marriage on Friday night.  Ah, so goes the weekend.

In reflection, that organic, lactose free, grass-fed dairy cow milk I bought last week was a bust.  It was disgusting.  I actually spit the first only sip out and I did that in front of the kids (a very bad idea cause if mommy can spit out food, then the assumption is that they can too.  Knowing that, I did it anyhow.  It was that gross.) 

Now, I need to get back in gear for the rest of the week.  I also need to catch up on the work I missed while I was out playing at attending my most recent session of Leadership Florida.  And I need to fill out my sustainer form for the JLJ.  And pay daycare for the week.  And do my expense report for the last 8 weeks.  And figure out what is for dinner.  And so much more.  Maybe I will just skip creativity day until tomorrow.

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