Risky business

I have taken a few risks over the last 30+ years.

I went away to college…far away…where it snowed…and they did not let you drive to class…and I did not own winter boots. I froze my a** off and was generally miserable for months on end.  (In my and their defense, it was absolutely beautiful when I toured the campus in August.) Even so, being that far away from home taught me a thing or two about family and the importance of place.

I finished college early (see above) so I could do something I thought I would like more than college before I entered the real world.  I saw twelve countries in twelve weeks, traveling solo for the second half of the trip.  Amazing self-confidence booster.  Just amazing all around.

A few years after moving to Jacksonville, I auditioned for and acted in a two-act play at the Orange Park Community Theater. (Thanks to Lellie-Lu and hubby for sitting through the torture of both acts on more than one occasion.  I was awful.)  Never the less, actually getting up on stage in front of an audience was the only way to realize that I would  should never be an actress.  Better to have tried and failed…

I left one beloved job to take one I was not even sure I’d like. (In the end, it worked out well, although it was sketchy for about 6 months.)  In taking that leap, I realized that sometimes risks don’t pay off right away.

I invested in a button machine. (And now have a button-sized business.)  Who knew?

I bought a house with hubby that needed someone who had vision to appreciate.  A whole heap of vision.  A mountain to be exact.  (Not sure yet if it was the right thing to do…jury is still out.)

I have tried my hand at gardening, furniture building and bread making.  (These are fails works-in-progress.)

Recently, I destroyed a wall in my house with optimism as my only rationale.  (Nuff said…)

I am writing a blog with no idea what my niche or audience is, but I believe in my heart that I am becoming a better wife, mother, friend and person because of the focus it forces me to have on myself and others who are important to me.

All of these things were risks that just felt right.  Some were bigger than others, but all were risks none the less.  And some risks are on the horizon: running for school board, signing up to be a den mother for the Boy Scouts, having another kid…just kidding, wanting to see who is paying attention!  That “another kid” idea belongs to the list of “risks I did not take” next to becoming a blonde, running for President of the Junior League or taking the cocktail waitress job in Santorini, Greece.  (Each would have been tons of fun and well worth the effort, but you can’t go down every risky path.  Too risky.  🙂 )

Centsational Girl writes about the Dangers of Taking Risks today.  She left a law practice to be a designer and is now living her dream.  My friend Meredith left a high-stress executive job to go into business with her husband.  She now gets to run an uber-successful home-based-business, has no stressful commute and is able to be home with her two adorable kids.  My friend Jennifer started her own company in 2009, Bottle Snugglers, having never done anything like it before.  Now, she is rocking the baby-bottle world!

From Centsational Girl

I feel like the lessons I’ve learned from taking risks have made me a better person and I would guess that these ladies do too.  Whether it something as small as trying a new paint color or as big as taking a new job, taking risks will make a life more interesting. 

What risks can you take today?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 Now i better get back to my blogging. i’m hoping to do that on spring break in the mountains next week.

    The risk i took was the best ever and i thank my lucky stars every day that i don’t have 2 hours in the car each do, working at the funny farm. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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