Steps in a healthy direction

So here we are back at fitness day.  This is the hardest day of the week to write because I am notoriously bad at exercising.  I do not like going to the gym.  Sometimes, I trip standing still so most activities requiring athletic skill or overall coordination are not much fun.  It is so much trouble to go change clothes and put on those very white sneakers.  And paying a babysitter $12 an hour so that I can go play tennis or work out?  I’d rather be going out with friends or on a date with hubby…anything else just seems silly.

That is why an idea that struck me in the middle of the night seemed so brilliant!  I am not worried about fitness per se, but health.  I want to be in good health.  Exercise is part of that, yes, but not the whole picture.

I took O to Minute Clinic yesterday (we both got tested for Strep throat and are both negative) and found out that my blood pressure is 92/60.  That is good, right?!  (This is a true triumph considering the ginormous reason to have it go up in the last 24 hours.)

Even better, according to the good people at Good Housekeeping back in April, 2002 (Lawd, I have been at this clipping business for a while!), I have been making a couple of other healthy choices. 


  1. I drink green tea every morning during the week (c-ya 70 calories).  
  2. I do not drink soda with calories (Recently though, I suffered for that one…just ask the Princess of Robinia about Moe’s new soda machine.  Darn technology prevented me from having a DC). 
  3. I add jalapeno peppers to my lunch about 3 times per week and order my wings hot.  (Healthy benefits are likely to be off-set by beverage consumption when competing in the upcoming “Wing-off” with those crazy TCS ladies!)
  4. I shamelessly sleep.  I get at least 8 hours on the nights when I can shut my brain off – 3 when I cannot – but I am also a nap taker on the weekends.  I love me some 2:00 to 4:00 pm mommy-nap-time.

I am still in desperate need of exercise, and there are 5 other lifestyle choices on that list which I do not do regularly (if at all), but at least I am taking some kind of steps in the right direction.  For now, it’s OK if those steps do not involve sneakers.


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