Crabbyface update

The newest member of our family is settling in.  We got him a bigger pad and decorated it in a coastal motif with authentic items from the shore.  He has a window view from the kitchen table, a climbing area and room to stretch his claws.

Still, I am not so sure he is happy about his new home.  He has managed to climb half way up the sides of a glass aquarium apparently looking for an escape.  It makes me so sad!

And then there is the noise – that tap-tap-tapping on the glass that I am sure sounds like bombs going off inside his little house.  The boys do not seem to get it.

Last, he is flying solo.  We were told that hermit crabs like company and so we are now using another crab as an incentive for O at school.  

Coming soon:  Mrs. Crabbyface.


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