Heating things up and taking things down

It’s Friday!  We have a whole heap of stuff to look forward to this weekend, but I want to share what fun was had yesterday.  I, the mediocre cook, oven-roasted tomatoes and sautéed spinach for dinner! 

Tossed in olive oil and kosher salt.

True…no one ate either food but me, BUT it was a culinary rush to have fresh, colorful veggies prepared by yours-truly on the table.   

Jasmine rice, fresh spinach, sauteed in garlic and OO, roasted tomatoes.

Hubby did a bit more demo to get ready for the plumber to give us a final estimate.  We may begin plumbing work next week!   

 AND we looked at a few of these after work/school.  Let the deal-hunting begin.

On deck for this weekend: T-ball practice, (hopefully) bringing lunch to my preggo sister and her hubby on their BIG moving day, a hot wing cook-off with the family and a baby shower for baby JT.  Hope ya’ll have a great Friday!


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