There are so many wonderful women in my life who are expecting babies this Spring and Summer.  There are the first timers including my little sister and a crafty Cruise Girl who are both due in late May.  Also expecting are a fellow JL board member, a fellow Senior ELP Fellow from TN and a great gal from one of my book clubs (the serious one…book club, that is.)  I also know several women who are expanding their families with a second or third or second AND third bambino this year.   There must be something in the water.

I am very-much looking forward to the baby showers.  There are those who would rather not endure the oohs and ahhs of looking at every tiny pair of booties, who would not care to snuggle with the snugglies or to pass around the latest gear for nursing, diapering or sleep-training.  I, however, love it. 

While I am not hosting any of these upcoming events, I have been saving a clipping for an adorable “library themed” shower for years in the event that I needed an idea for a shower.  Taken from the Martha Stewart’s Kids’ Publication that is no longer in print, here are a bunch of sweet ideas for a book-themed party.

Starting with the gifts themselves…  It is not terribly practical for the first time moms (and dads) who need everything to get only books at a shower.  Never the less, suggest that guests substitute a book for a greeting card or gift tag.  The parents-to-be will have a long-term reminder of all of the well wishes written in the inside covers of the books with the added, obvious bonus that each guest can share a favorite story with a future, lil reader.

The story-telling cassette tape idea (this clipping was clearly more than 10 years ago) is not passe.  Instead, record a video and burn it onto a CD for high-tech audio book narration.

The party decorations possibilities are many, but the idea of making the tea sandwiches to look like little books…come on!  TOO cute!  And how about these cupcake flags courtesy of a shower featured on oh Dee oh!  Little books!

Games – the one part of baby showers even I am not 100% certain are a good idea, but this idea is quite clever.   (Anyone get the answers to the first 4 clues?)

For favors, you could custom make bookmarks with one of these. (Gosh-golly-darnit, I want one soooo bad.) 

There you have it.  All you need to make a bookish baby shower!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to baby JT’s mommy’s shower for all things small and sweet…



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