I’m cooking.

What a weekend!  From t-ball practice on Friday night to the wonderful baby shower on Sunday afternoon, we crammed a lot of good stuff into a little bit of time.  

Friday is the day I have picked to focus on my marriage so I took the chore of cooking dinner off hubby’s hands (it falls to him most nights).  I whipped up breakfast for dinner and we enjoyed a pleasant, complaint-free meal.  Scrambled eggs and toast are one of those rare combinations that everyone at Chez Boss Lady likes to eat.   (That could explain why I seemed to embrace cooking the rest of the weekend!)

Saturday morning’s weather was glorious so we headed to the Riverside Art’s Market.  I love RAM – good people watching, good farmer’s market, good art, good times. 

I asked them to show me their muscles.

With our purchase in tow (more to come on that later this week), we were off to Al’s pizza for lunch – love that BOGO coupon in the Money Magazine. 

Hubby at Al's.
Waiting for pizza, boy style

Tummies full, hoping the boys were sufficiently worn-out, we headed back home for quiet time. (This used to be known as “nap time”, but no one under four feet tall naps round here much these days.)   Bazaarly, I decided to try a little bread making.

We have a bread machine (it is still unopened in the box), but I decided to go old school and use cast-ironware.  I mixed, kneaded, floured (boy, did I flour) and baked and…the bread came out looking like bread! 

Bonus – it was edible! 

In between the bread making steps, I was also cooking up some chicken wings in the crock pot.  We had been challenged to “bring it” to the first annual Maris Wing Cook-off held later that evening.   Once the loaf of break was on the rack to cool, I grabbed the other culinary experiment  chicken wings and we packed up the boys in the car to head to North for the wing throw-down.

Team “F” was not a fail, though we did not place.  Never the less, our kid-friendly BBQ wings were all gone by the end of the night.  I take that as a good sign.  It was great to hang out as a family with so many other great families.  AND as much as I would have loved to have bragging rights, I am not so sure that the first prize for best-wings was in my size.

The cooking effort continued on Sunday morning when O, M and I went down to lil’ sister’s new house with homemade blueberry muffins in tow. 

We got to check out her new pad and help assemble the crib for baby JR, arriving in May.  The house is perfect and so were the muffins, if I do say so myself!

While I still love Mondays, this weekend was all-around awesome.  Hope you had a great one too!


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