Mailbox surprise

Every few weeks  days, I open my mailbox to one of these.

It is a new-to-me book from  I do not know the person sending me this package.  They got an e-mail from the site that another member wanted one of their books. They wrapped it up, paid for the postage and popped it in the mail in good faith that I would acknowledge receipt of the book on the site.  For their trouble, they receive a “credit” which they can use to order a book of their choosing from other members’ lists of available books.  And then, the cycle starts over.

I loooove this site.  Since joining on May 18, 2007, I have sent 93 books to other members and received 87 books in return.  I have also saved countless dollars by not new-book-bingeing at Borders or Barnes and Noble or paying late-fees at the library.  AND I have been able to recycle my books, saving a few trees as well.

As an added bonus, I do not have to remember what books I want to read.  I just keep adding titles to my wish list. 

This list is exportable – I can print it out before going to the Jacksonville Public Library – and it has cool features like vacation holds (if I am away and do not want a book to be sent while no one is tending the mail box) or auto-request (if one of my wanted books gets posted and I am certain I want it, it automatically tells the sender to send it.) is free.  When I began, the site requested that you post 10 of you own “tradeable” books to earn two credits.  After than, you are able to trade and request at will.  Most postage for books (traditional paperbacks, hardcovers, etc.) is less than $3.00 for media mail and you can even use the site to print out the mailing label and the postage.

If you don’t hold onto books after you’ve finished them or you have not switched to one of those fancy book readers like the Nook or the Kindle,  then you may want to give Paperback Swap a whirl.


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