Getting ready for April

Anyone else miss those pesky “plant-by” deadlines on their seed packets and small plants like I seem to do every year?

So here, one day before April Fool’s Day, I am going to get my act together on planting.  I clipped the 6-month garden planner from Jacksonville Magazine’s Fall 2010  and below is April’s entry.

I have at-the-ready:

  1. One strawberry plant picked up here this last weekend. 
  2. One strawberry pot (procured for $2 at the Whale of a Sale) (now filled with four jalapeno plants cause I could only carry one strawberry plant.)
  3. Lawn seed and Black Kow to cover the dead patches in the front yard.

No rose bushes or trees to speak of, but at least I have something going.  What are you getting ready to do in your yard?

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