Jax DC Jax DC Jax…I hope

This week went fast…for me.  Not so much for hubby who was home with M & B for three and a half of the five weekdays.  They had tummy bugs.  I am sure it was less than fun.  Especially since I was here for 36 hours of the week:   Looking at the last 7 days, I did not too bad on my focus areas.

Health – I actually managed to climb a ton of steps and walk all over our nation’s Capitol on Wednesday.  Lesson learned though – wear more comfortable shoes.

For Order, I got nothing.  In fact, thanks to Freecycle (check it out at http://www.freecycle.org/), I now am the proud owner of two (more) canvas bags chock full of (more) decorating magazines.  In my defense, I am looking for more inspiration for the new kitchen and “free” was too good to pass up.

The Marriage focus was easy.  I told HH about the big surprise I planned for us in honor of eight years of marriage.  I told him that there was a write-up in the free DC airport magazine about his favorite band.  He already knew that they were playing in DC this week…which also happens to be the week of our anniversary…and that I had a second work-related trip to DC planned.  BUT he did not expect when we went looking for the article to instead find a pair of concert tickets!  So…we are headed out-of-town for a whopping 18 hours.  The trip involves air travel (a novelty), a real hotel that we are not using points to secure and will be the first time in a month of Sundays where we do not have to tote kids with us.  (Of course, that assumes that they have all returned to health.  Please, please, please let it be so!)

Family – despite having sick kids all week, they have been in good spirits and we have bonded over lots of Barney movies and Magic School Bus Books.  Good snuggle time.

Food – the cooking marathon from last weekend is still bringing me joy.  I plan to try a new recipe or two this weekend. 

Creativity – I took my camera to DC.  That is not a major deal, but it is not something I would have typically done on a work trip.  And I actually used it.  After the end of my day in DC, I walked through historic Alexandria and took lots of photos of the cherry blossoms in bloom.

And it was lovely.

Finally, friends.  I was able to finally have lunch a new friend and catch up with an old one (I’ve known here a while – she’s not that old) over coffee.  As an added bonus, I reached out to my first cousin, John, who happens to work in one of the buildings where I had meetings scheduled in DC and take him to lunch. 

It was a good week, all things considered.  We’ll be nursing little boys back to health this weekend and looking forward to a little excitement in the days ahead.



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