Monday musings…

So the weekend ended better than it started. O was up all night on Friday with the bug and he had it worse that the other two. He had to sit out t-ball practice on Friday and his game on Saturday. Still, by Sunday, everyone was feeling better and off we went to the Blues Festival at Jacksonville Beach.

When we got there, we saw (or should I say “heard”) little in the way of blues.  The boys were content to dig holes, look for hermit crabs and pick up dead jelly fish…blues-be-darned.   (Can you tell it was out first trip out-of-doors this Spring?  Gosh, we are nearly translucent!)

Anyhow, it was good to get out and have a little fun. 

After failing at naps, we changed everyone into new clothes and went looking for hungry creatures at the duck pond.

Those ducks, geese, turtles, sea gulls and fish did not see us coming.  We loaded them all up with the last of my homemade bread, some left over hoagie rolls and the heel of the sandwich bread.  They were some happy duck pond dwellers!

As for my focus areas, I think we covered family time pretty well this weekend.  As you know, I did tell HH about the trip and he is SOOOO excited – plus that means we will be focusing on us this week – during the week – a rare and unusual occurence.  I think we are good there too.

For food,  I made homemade, organic peanut butter cookies yesterday and they are wonderful.  O asked for two in his lunch box.  (You’d think that any kid would ask for two cookies when his mom bakes, but I am not a great baker.  Sometimes I won’t even eat my end product.)

Today is creativity.  I think I am going to take credit for the work that the plumber did on Friday.  After all, I arranged it and planned for it.

It looks terribly weird, but it is progress.  The electrician will be coming next weekend and then framing.  Yay!

I also found a ton of Spring/Easter creative projects that I want to do.

Mossy letters – Here.

Faux stone eggs – Here.

And this DIY vignette from the Pottery Barn catalog is toooooo cute!  But no time today.  Got lots to do before we sneak out-of-town.  Have a great week, y’all.  And, if I have not said it before…thanks for reading.

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