Sweet baby announcements

My nephew is my new best excuse to look at baby clippings from parenting magazines.  (Heaven knows there won’t be any more babies round our parts any time soon.)  In perusing my clipping binders, I came across several ideas for baby announcements that are not only adorable, but easy to make and sooooo cheap.  This first one, from Martha Stewart’s Kids Magazine (no longer in print), uses a custom stamp of the little bambino’s foot prints combined with the basic information on a plain card. I love that the recipient gets to have an actual copy of the baby’s footprints.  Who does not love teeny-tiny toes?

The black and white photo announcement below is priceless.  I found this idea in Child Magazine back in May 2005 – Child magazine is also not in print anymore.  Even better…the new mom would not have to even get a pedicure to make this announcement happen!

How about these blue booties!?  With some construction paper, a home printer, some yarn and a helpful 5-year-old, you’d have custom announcements that are sure to delight the recipient.  If I pulled these out of an envelope, I would quickly swing them over a push-pin on my office bulletin board for sure.

And this last one.  No, not a feet theme, but I could not resist.  I realize it is a little more complicated than the booties, but worth it.  This announcment would draw a smile on my face every time I saw the pictures spin.  This also came from Martha Stewart.  I could not find the month of the magazine issue on the page, but I am sure that it would be easy to replicate just based on the photo.

Since “baby de Lil sis” is not my baby, I am likely not to be consulted on the announcements.  Never the less, I am ready to go if asked.  After all, today is creativity Monday.


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