W.O.W.  What a wild few days.

First, we expanded our family by one and a cute one at that.  Lil sis had a beautiful baby boy.  His pictures are not out for public consumption yet so I am going to post this adorable one from taken from behind so not to spoil any plans she has for sharing his handsome face with the world.  

He was 7 weeks early, but came in at a healthy 5 lbs. 9 oz.  Since Friday, he is already taking milk by the bottle and breathing on his own.  And he has a full head of hair…red hair!

He is the first for my sis and her hubby, the 7th grandchild for my parents (6th grandson) and the first grandchild for my sister’s in-laws.  His first name is for my dad and both of my grandfathers (or his “Papa” and great-granddads) and his second name is for his paternal grandfather.  I was blown away by him and immediately head-over-heels in love.

With all of the new baby excitement, it hard to imagine that anything else “newsworthy” happened, but it did.

For starters, I got laryngitis…again.  I started to go squeaky on Friday night and by Sunday morning, my voice was gone.  The last time this happened, I made a pin-back button that read

Who knew I’d get to wear it twice?

We are anxiously awaiting the plumbing inspector to check out the new pipes.  This was supposed to have happened Friday, but the appointment went from taking place first thing in the morning to “It was never scheduled by the plumber.  He is not coming.”  to “Ooops, he’s at your house and you just left after we told you he wasn’t coming?  Bummer.” It was very frustrating.

Anyhow, by now, he should be at Chez Boss Lady inspecting away.  Then, we head to nirvana  Home Depot for some electrical wires, switches and outlets for the new kitchen.  One night this week, we’ll try to get some wiring work done and then the new framing can begin the next week!  Wahoo!

On the not so exciting side, we received some disappointing news.  O had been attending Kindergarten at a lovely little school.   It was is really hard for us get there on time each morning.  Our commute averages 80 minutes each way and O is sitting in the back seat for 60 of those. It is not fun for anyone.  Never the less, we knew that going in.  We gave it a try but this year, we decided to relinquish our spot in order to try for a spot in a new school closer to the house. 

The risk was huge and it did not pay off.  Now we are #4 on the wait list for the new school and have lost our spot at the old school.   Ever the optimist, HH seems to think that at least 4 people will move, change their mind or have some other change of plans, but I am not so sure. 

O can certainly go to the neighborhood school. It is an “A” rated school and has been for a long time, but I have concerns.  “A” schools rate 3rd through 5th graders on the FCAT (taking place this week in Duval County), but does not assess K through 2nd.  We have heard that in the lower grades, children at this particular school who do not speak English as a primary language take up a good deal of the teacher’s attention.  By third grade, it averages out, but for my little guy – who needs a teacher to stay on him – this is a problem.

The alternatives are to send him to a charter or a private school.  We really cannot afford the $10,000 per year for private school for all three (especially since we are down one income).  If we start O somewhere, we’d like to avoid moving him again when the other two are school age and that would be probably based on finances.  The charter option – if we get in…that is a lottery too – is every bit as inconvenient to get to as the school we just abandoned and is not a proven entity.  Plus, HH does not want O to miss out of neighborhood friendships and those would be non-existent at a Charter school.

So…we’ll hope and pray that 4 kids at our preferred school are tied to military families who have to leave Jax or move for some other reason or that we get into the charter school of our choice.

I have so much more I want to write about, but I have got to get some other stuff done.  Perhaps I can hop back on tonight and share of the fun things that happened this weekend or some of the kitchen/project/7 focus-area updates that have my mind spinning.


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