It’s official…we (will) live in a barn

Over the weekend, we bought doors.   Seven of them to be exact. Eventually, this crazy remodeling project will involve ripping off several chunks of the back of the house and retrofitting those spaces with doors so we can have an indoor/outdoor space.

Right now, we have one exterior door that we use all the time.  It takes you from our patio (code for concrete slab) right smack into the middle of the family room/eating area.  Down the road, we envision five doors (two sets of french doors and a single french door) going from the house to a real patio with a covered walkway that we could use to drop wet umbrellas and muddy shoes.  Cool, right?

You might be doing the math here and saying to yourself, “But that is only five doors, Jennifer.  You said seven! What gives?”

The other two doors will be hung in a new wall between the future kitchen and what is left of the existing living room.  We want to be able to close the new kitchen off to the front of the house.

 I had thought about pocket doors originally, but the idea kept nagging me.  They seemed so…I don’t know…eighties?  Traditional?  Finger pinching?  I could never quite get excited about them…

Then came these doors.  

You see, we did not just buy any doors.  We bought real mahogany doors with bevelled glass inserts.   These babies are heavy.  Really heavy.  HH and I barely could lift the things.  They are so heavy that we have only be able bring one of them home.  It is the most narrow of the doors at only 31.5 inches wide.  (All of the others are 36 inches wide.)  It weighs a freaking ton.

When we decided to buy them, we focused ONLY on aesthetics.  Now we are confronted with logistics…or physics…or with whatever science you need to figure out how in the heck are we going to hang these damn things!

And in my web-browsings, I found the answer.

From DIY Show off:


From House*Tweaking:

  From Pioneer Woman: IMG_5090_0209

A barn door flat track!  I am so excited! I love that it will show off the big, beautiful doors, even when they are open and that it adds a little something quirky to the room.  

I have priced them here and they are not cheap, so I am going on the hunt to eBay and Craigslist.  The trick is going to be locating one that will accommodate two doors like the one below. 

Good news is that we are in nooooo hurry.  We have all the time in the world to make this house into the barn we are keenly aware it already is.

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