We’ve got candy coming out our (bunny) ears


Easter Charm from Family Circle, 4/1/2005

Lately, I have noticed that each of the annual holidays seem to start earlier, last longer and involve a ridiculous amount of sweets.

Christmas starts in October and is is non-stop candy and goodies through the end of the year. 

Halloween lasts a whole month.  There are  “trunk-or-treats” and fall festivals, each with its own opportunity to collect bucket-loads of candy.

And Valentine’s Day.  Did anyone else notice that Valentine’s Day now brings in as much loot as Halloween?  No more handmade cards with niceties.  Nope – we’ve got candy Valentines and school parties with pink frosted cupcakes topped with sweethearts galore…  Heck, I have even succumb to putting sweet treats under the boys pillows AFTER they have already made out like Willy Wonka.

I do recognize the want need (?) to have each of these holidays be a special occasion with traditional expressions of holiday fun. BUT.  I do think that amount of sugar that kids consume in the name of celebrating holidays is obscene. I’m constantly battling handsome hubby (here-for-to known as HH) about what the kids should or should not be allowed to eat on a daily basis from the candy stash. 

Last year, we went the route of one day of post-halloween gluttony – all you can eat in one day and the rest goes to mommy’s office. It backfired. (In HH’s defense, this was my idea.)  No sooner than all of the “extra” candy left the house, then more candy came in from other events and wouldn’t you know it?  Our kids wanted to eat as much as they could from that stash too?!

For Easter, we are going to go egg hunting once before Easter Sunday and again on the actual day.  That means more candy.  I need help, people!  I am looking for ideas.  How do you manage the onslaught of candy that comes into your home?  Do you arrange it artfully in a vase?  Do you smuggle it out in the middle of the night? Do you just relax and let the teeth chips fall where they may?


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