My little guys need better names

The wide open exposure some people (like me) grant into their lives through blogging on the Internet can attract some weirdos at the least, and some psychos if you are not careful.  I aim to be careful to restrict the most specific personal information about my family and the kids.  The boys names fell into that “not-going-to-include” category.  When I started blogging, I chose to refer to each of the boys with a letter and nothing else. 

However, lately I am not happy with just assigning a letter to each kid.  “M”, “O” and “B” just seem weird – besides together they spell “mob” which is appropriate at times, but not how I want to see the lot of them.  

Each of my children are all so different.  It would be easy to pick a nick-name that reflects a tiny part of their personality or at the least, define where they are in the pecking order of birth.

Below are three polls.  For my friends here in J-ville who know my kids, it may be a little easier to pick a name that you think reflects each of the boys, but I welcome all votes!  (If I have not listed one that does them justice, please add any of your own ideas.)

Thanks for your insight(s) and have a great day!

Jennifer/Da Boss Lady


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