Holy guacamole!

I cannot believe it has been nearly a week since I have written.  I miss blogging, but with the Florida legislature in its last week of session and so many other things in the hopper, I have had to skip it.

That said, in the last few days, there have been things worth mentioning.

I found this guacamole. And it is sooooooooo good.  G.O.O.D.  I do not ever recalling eating guacamole, let alone liking it, but the taste-test lady at Costco looked so lonely and I was hungry. 

Now, I am a convert.  This stuff is amazing.  Go get some.  You’ll be a convert too!

I met this guy.  He spoke to a group of people I work with in the midwest last week and I was able to sit in on the session.  It is awesome to do work where you have the opportunity to interact with people who are making a difference in the world.  No matter what your politics, these people make hay. 

And…HH and I  had a date night on Saturday!  At 4:00 pm, I called our one and only babysitter (we are working on finding another one if you have one to spare) and asked if he could come over stat.  And he did!

We went here.

And then here.

Truthfully, I think we could have gone to Wendy’s and it would have been good.  The boys were driving us a little nutty.  It felt wonderful to get out of the house and have some fun!

I do have some house updates and project photos to post, but I am short on time again.  More to come.  Have a great day!!

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