Taking a second for love…

Anyone love something that sucks up all of your free time?  Anyone want to slip away unnoticed and focus on your time-sucking love interest, all the while ignoring more pressing items in your life like the mountain of dirty laundry, what’s for dinner or the oil change that you desperately need for the car?

Yes – I am in love with all things “blog”, but I have not been able to find time for my love in several days.  As a result, I now have 1241 unread items in my Google Reader queue . 

Twelve hundred and forty one.   

Those 1241 items will no doubt conjure up long lists of more projects and references back to clipped magazine pages.  And I will want to share at least 100 with you. And that requires more time.  And around it goes.

Oh, how I do love all of the ideas and before and after photos  (you won’t believe how good a once-ugly kitchen can look) and beautifully written posts about Mother’s Day and motherhood  (this post is hilarious!)  

Instead, I am writing a lesson plan on “the power of persuasion” (I am teaching an 8th grade class next week during Teach For America week) and making buttons for a client friend and crafting posters for a skit and playing nursemaid to my father-in-law and buying (and then wrapping) teacher appreciation gifts and picking up a birthday gift for a party on Saturday and hopefully finding a Derby hat.  Geez!  That does not cover my job or kids or HH!!!  Oh my, fellow working-mommies!  We need a cocktail! And an assistant!  Can I get an “AMEN?!”

In all fairness though, I did spend a few minutes zoning out at the computer and found myself reading some of the entries featuring last week’s royal wedding.  I think one in particular was very cool.

Honey + Fitz blogged about the romance between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.   She posts some amazing photographs from their big day and gives a little history lesson too.  (Did you know that they met when she was only 13 and he was 18!)  The photos of the wedding are magnificent.  What a wonderful love story.

I have added a couple more. 

While I enjoyed the hoopla around William and Kate’s big day, it is nice to remember that there is also something precious about love that lasts a lifetime, one that is tested and true.  They are too cute.

And while I cannot find the time to focus on this new love right now, I have a feeling it will wait for me until things slow down a bit.  In the meantime, I am lucky to have so many other loves in my life.

Hope you have a wonderful time with the loves in your life this weekend. 

And…if you are a mom, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Love,  Jennifer

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