Voice of the Planet by Michael Tobias

Voice of the PlanetVoice of the Planet by Michael Tobias

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Voice of the Planet is different (not bad…just different) and not a book that I would have picked up if a friend had not recommended it to me.

Voice of the Planet is a book about how fragile our Earth is and how we have impacted it to its detriment. I found myself thinking about the story quite often after I had put it down. I am an environmentalist. I can appreciate any book that takes the reader right to the brink of what the earth will become if we do not change our ways.

However, I found it occasionally vulgar and difficult to follow. It is science fiction which is typically not my cup of tea. I am not suggesting that the destruction we have caused on Earth is fiction; rather that in this genre, I was distracted from the lessons of the story. I am not sure I would recommend it to anyone other than a science fiction aficionado.

I believe they made this book into a movie or miniseries in the early 1990s. Perhaps I would have found it more enjoyable in that format.

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