I flew south for the week

How quickly time has flown.  I spent the better part of the last 7 days in South Florida doing all kinds of amazing things and relaxing over the weekend with my folks. 

First, let me share some of the cool stuff one can see when you travel with Leadership Florida to Miami.  This session included a hard-hat tour of the new Miami Marlins baseball park.   It will be amazing – a retractable roof, a dual sided aquarium behind home plate and a swimming pool in the outfield that you can rent for the game with up to 64 of your closest friends.

Home plate is where that smaller orange basket is sitting. See the Miami skyline through the 40 ft. windows in the back?

There was also a visit to little Havana.   We salsa danced, learned about senior care in the state and had Cuban coffee at Versailles, the place to be when anything exciting happens in Miami.  If Castro dies soon, this is where EVERYONE will gather.

We heard from former Florida Governor and US Senator Bob Graham.  He is 74 years young and going strong.  He is now running the Center for Public Service out of the University of Florida.  He even sang a duet with one of my classmates!

Last thing I will mention is the river cruise on the Biscayne Bay and Miami River, complete with an amazing tour guide, Dr. Paul George, Professor of History at Miami-Dad College.  This man knew everything there was to know about who, what, when and how the City of Miami came to be.  He was named historian of the year in 2008 and it not a mystery why.  He is a terrific story-teller.

After the LF weekend, I met up with the boys at my parents house and we played the rest of the weekend.  My mom cooked wonderful food for us and she and my dad even took the little guys to an indoor play center, allowing HH and I a two-hour nap in the middle of the day!

Now that I have gotten through the e-mails and caught up on work stuff, I can breathe a small sigh and focus on the summer.  Things around Chez Boss Lady are going to be great this summer!  We are planning a few beach dates, signing Vader up for summer camp, celebrating my and Vader’s birthdays and looking forward to more house renovation stuff than you can shake a stick at!  Most of all, we are hopeful that something will work out for HH on the job front.  *prayers please*

As a rather large side note, today is a big deal in J-ville.  If you have not voted yet and are registered to do so, PLEASE go vote.  The future of this wonderful city will look very different depending on which Mayoral candidate comes out on top and the Mayor’s race is only one of a several that are being determined today.  I am hopeful that whoever should win the top seat in this strong-Mayoral form of government, that they he remembers that being the cheapest city in Florida or America does not make us a great city. 

Hope you are all doing well. See you tomorrow.

Jennifer (Da Boss Lady)

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