I think everyone has yelled at their kids at least once.  Or at least, that is what I tell myself so that I can sleep at night.  I claim victory if I make it through the whole day without imagining the neighbors rolling their eyes cause I am yelling at my kids in the driveway…again.

A few nights ago, I found myself yelling at a three-year old who will not be named.  (Good news is that I have two of them so you’ll never know which one was on the receiving end of the yelling.)  This child did not want to go to bed.  To make his opinion on the subject known, he decided to wield the only weapon at the ready – pee. 

Yep.  My child, my adorable, sweet, loving child, decided to stand in the corner of the room and wait.  When he heard me coming to scold him for not being in bed, he peed in the corner.  On the carpet.  So I screamed.

In my defense, I did not use expletives.   I get a gold star for that right?  But, I did scream.  Loud.  And I am sure I scared the pee right out of him…or I would have, if he had not just peed on the floor.

Back to the binders I go…  In 2004, I guess I knew (even pre-kids) that I would be a mom who screamed because I clipped this little item out from Parents Magazine (December 2004).

Now I am not sure that the first 3 suggestions would have helped under the circumstances.  I would not have expected to include “misplaced urination” on my list of triggers.  For the sake of our carpets, I would not want to have a “long-range approach” to prohibiting this problem.

But, I do tend to make the bed-time routine about what they cannot do. 

  • They cannot get out of bed.
  • They cannot get another drink of water.
  • They cannot turn on the lights.
  • They cannot jump from bed to bed.

Idea # 4 says I should praise good behavior.  Perhaps I should spend a few minutes praising them for brushing their teeth so well, for getting into bed the first time they were asked, for saying their prayers so nicely and so on?  I don’t know.  I am not sure that it would have prevented me from yelling… Perhaps it would have prevented my kid from peeing!

How do you avoid yelling?  Do you count to ten?  Do you use a Time Out place?

Any tips on dealing with my purposeful pee-er?  All ideas appreciated.  (And yes, I have already considered installing tile floors.)


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