Nearly summer by the numbers

Eight days of Kindergarten left for Vader. 

One giant watermelon that came home with us from an awesome pool party on Monday. watermelon whole

It became the primary food of choice at dinner last night. 

Ten days until Vader’s 6th birthday. 

Fourteen days until my 27th 27th  27th  37th birthday.  (No joke – I typed it wrong three times in row.  If age is a state of mind, then my mind thinks I am 27. )

Four days until swimming lessons start.

One first lost tooth.  (Really lost – Vader dropped it into the sand on the playground.  Tooth fairy got a hand written note explaining why there was no tooth.  The TF still delivered last night.)

Three other “lost teeth.” This is the number of teeth that Splash and Turtle have lost since learning about their brother’s score from the tooth fairy.

Zero more swimmy diapers – or diapers of any kind.  We are 100% potty trained round Chez Boss Lady!  Woot-woot!!!

One great post from Censtational Girl about summer. 

Numbers don’t lie.  This is going to be a great summer!


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