Not so fast.

Summer is here and life is moving along nicely in most areas at Chez Boss Lady.

Vader is in summer camp.

HH is working on an idea that we are really excited about.

Splash and Turtle are keeping us busy, busy, busy.

But even with all of the goings-on, we have not seen many folks lately.

Were you wondering about us?

Where did we go?

And why didn’t we have Vader’s birthday party at home, like we’ve done every year before?

Why we have not asked you to come over and hang out?

We want to.  I mean, we really, really, REALLY want to have you over.

But that would mean that we’d have to fess up about the progress (or lack thereof) on the renovations at Chez Boss Lady.


Just in case you were wondering, let me share why you have not been round these parts lately.




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